Conde Nast Traveler: Top 250 Spas

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This year, our annual Spa Poll turns 21. And like any newly minted adult it is wiser (and larger) than it was in infancy. Case in point: What began as a humble top three in 1990, with the higher scorer earning a respectable 81.2, has transformed into a robust collection of 250, with the top-rated spa tipping the scales at 98.8. The winners on the following pages range from a tiny two-room enclave at St. Lucia’s Jade Mountain to the 100,000 square foot behemoth Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. However, what hasn’t changed over these past 21 years is the lofty standards to which our readers hold each candidate. Thankfully, quality is ageless.

#1 in Top 20 Resort Spas- Hawaii was awarded to the Four Seasons Hualalai which received an overall score of 95.4!