Tennis Magazine: The Top 50 Tennis Resorts in the U.S.

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Any of here at TENNIS Magazine would be eager to spend a vacation at any of these resorts, honing our strokes and meeting fellow fans. They all have their strong points, they all have well-maintained courts, and they all have teams of dedicated pros who still get a charge out of coaching even after years of plopping balls across the net to people who have never before held a racquet.

But a few of these resorts stand above the others because of a combination of factors. It comes down to such things as ratio of pros to players in clinics, ratio of courts to guests, cost of court time, plus a few intangibles like dependability and respect for the game. Since our readers let us know they come with distinct preference and demands beyond tennis, our final selection also factors in such attractions as comfort, amenities, dining, spas and other diversions.

We use a dollar sign system to indicate room rates, partly because of the maze of details (think seasonal discounts, room taxes, resort fees, surcharges) but also because so many hotels and resorts these days are offering a jumble of special packages to lure recession weary vacationers back to their properties. The dollar signs are no more than a guideline ($ up to $150 per double room, $$ for $150 to $300, $$$ for $300 up) based on a median of the lowest room rate in the low season and the highest rate in the peak season. Browse carefully among the rates and fine print and you’ll find many ways to get the tab down to a more manageable figure.

When doing your research, you may have as many quandaries choosing your spot as we did putting this list together, but ultimately you’ll have fun picking and then enjoying your favorite tennis court.