Upcoming Member Events at Hualālai Resort

As a Member of the Hualālai Club you have many opportunities to connect with your neighbors. In addition to the annual events, here are added events that our Members look forward to.

Aloha Fridays

A.K.A. Raw Bar and Grill Night, is another Members’ only event that is held every Friday at the Ke‘olu Clubhouse. Here you have our own sushi chef, Chef Kazu, carefully crafting artistic hand-made sushi, with fresh ahi, kampachi, salmon and shrimp. On the grill, chef Joe is grilling prime steaks or ribs with fresh island sea salt and some of his secret species. It is a Club favorite and also seems to be one of the popular social events at Ke‘olu.


Fitness with mind, body and soul

Available to our Members’ throughout the year. With private instructors, Nichole and Jentzen, each class is intimate and personal. Whether it is yoga, strength and relaxation or “Get Fit with Jentzen,” increasing your cardio fitness and burning calories at the same time, allowing you to feel younger and have more energy is their goal. Advance yoga classes, Swing dance lessons, along with Members’ only golf clinics are also some of the private Members’ only classes that are part of your membership.


Pacific Heritage Series

A Members’ only reception that showcases topics of many faucets of ethnic cultures that thrive here in Hawai‘i. Debuted in August of 2001 with our first speaker, Gavan Daws, an esteemed historian and author. Today, we look forward to seeing cultural practitioners, musicians, and special performances by local actors or story tellers. This March Moses Goods, a story teller and actor will be performing at our Members’ only Ke‘olu Clubhouse. This is just one of the special events we have planned for our Members.


Cooking with Chef Joe

Our Ke‘olu Club chef de cuisine, has expanded our Hualālai community’s culinary offerings with recipes that are from many different cultures. Pacific Rim is one of the expected flavors, however, he has infused his menus with fresh island produce and species from around the world. What started as an introduction to the Ke‘olu specialty menus, has now taken on a whole new life with our Members’ who visit the seasonal Ke‘olu Farmers Market. “Sharing product knowledge and how you gather your produce to highlight the best culinary experience is my goal,” chef Joe shared. They too can create an infused farm to table menu with Chef Joe’s help.